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What’s right,  what’s wrong

Only two years ago, the fifth revision of DSM (the  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) was published by the American Psychiatric Association. This diagnostic system has been called the “Bible” of psychiatry.  The metaphor suggests some cultural realities.  It tends to be worshipped; some view it as the literal truth; it can inspire, but it can be used to suppress dissent. DSM is a Bible that claims to be a science too.

In this analysis, PL examines what the DSM system is and what it isn’t:

  • History and first editions
  • Kraepelin’s tradition
  • After Kraepelin
  • “Pragmatism”
  • DSM-IV
  • DSM-5
  • Controversies
  • Obstacle to knowledge and NIMH vision
  • Proposed solution

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