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Explaining suicide

Complex, but not unpredictable

Fill up a small baseball stadium, like Fenway Park in Boston, with people. About 41,000 persons. Those are the number of people who kill themselves every year in the US. That comes out to over 100 persons daily, about 5 persons per hour. The World Health Organization estimates that about 1 million people in the world commit suicide yearly. 

Suicide is to psychiatry what mortality is to medicine: our ultimate goal and responsibility in treating psychiatric illnesses. We may or may not succeed in making people happier...

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In this article, we discuss secular and disease factors leading to suicide, besides:

  • Psychological autopsies
  • Military suicide relevance
  • Parasuicide and borderline personality
  • The role of antidepressants and other drugs

“Albert Camus wrote that suicide is 'the only really serious  philosophical problem.'”

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