Is there something special about bipolar depression?


The prior discussion about bipolar depression is often made in contrast to discussions of unipolar depression. A question often asked is whether depression differs in bipolar versus unipolar illness. Readers of PL will know, as described in detail here, that this question may not be meaningful if the concept of manic depressive illness (MDI) is correct. The older concept of MDI meant that there was no meaningful distinction to be made between bipolar and unipolar subtypes. If MDI is correct, it may be that depressive episodes of bipolar and unipolar illness will not differ appreciably. The assumption that they differ is based on the assumption that the DSM distinction between bipolar and unipolar illness is...

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PL Reflection

Many persons nowadays seem to think that any conclusion must be very scientific if the arguments in favor of it are all derived from twitching of frogs legs – especially if the frogs are decapitated – and that, on the other hand, any doctrine chiefly vouched from by the feelings of human beings – with heads on their shoulders – must be benighted and superstitious.

William James

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