Volume 1, Issue 7                                                                                                July, 2015


Welcome to the July issue of
The Psychiatry Letter!

Special Issue: Cape Cod summer symposium highlights

This month’s issue presents highlights from the Cape Cod summer symposium, which was just completed in late July.  Unlike other issues, there is no study or drug of the month.  The usual columns will resume in the August issue.

The main goal of the week-long summer symposium was to identify how one could become a master clinician.  What approaches to diagnosis, drugs, and psychotherapies would help us go beyond the average mainstream, and be better? 

Instead, this special issue gives readers a view inside some of the content and discussion of this course about the PL approach to psychiatry.  Besides a discussion of diagnosis and medications, the psychotherapy focus was on existential approaches, which are the least appreciated of the many schools of psychotherapy.  

Some of the questions brought up by clinicians who participated in the course are described, and summaries of the discussions that followed are presented.  

We hope you enjoy this peek inside this week-long interactive experience, and that this written description of the material discussed can help you as you continue to think about how we can best practice a new psychiatry. 

An extensive bibliography of recommended books for this course is provided.

As usual, please send any questions or comments or cases to us for inclusion in future issues.  

And please let your colleagues know about PL. We are relying on our current subscribers to spread the word.  

  Nassir Ghaemi MD, Editor

July 2015
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