Volume 2, Issue 1                                                                                        January, 2016


Welcome to the January issue of
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“Treatment-resistant” depression

This issue represents the beginning of the second year of PL.  It is the first issue in which we provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education Units (CEU) to our readers.  This will apply to psychiatrists and nurses, and to psychologists in most states.  We hope you take advantage of those credits for your needs. Please see the website for a link to obtain those credits. 

The first CME article is on “treatment-resistant” depression (TRD), which in the PL analysis, often blames the illness and the drugs whereas often the wrong drugs are being used for a the wrong illness.  The Classic Article of the Month describes the STAR*D study results, focusing on treatment-resistant results and long-term outcomes.  The Drug of the Month is selegiline patch, a monoamine oxidase inhibitor which is commonly misinterpreted as being effective for refractory depression. 

This issue adds two new columns.  The first, suggested by our colleague Dr. Richard Berlin, is called “By the Numbers”; there PL will provide probabilities, of response or outcomes or other clinical features, that clinicians can cite to patients in their clinical practice. This month, By the Numbers provides data on antidepressant outcomes in major depressive disorder.  The second new column is called “Clinical Files”, where colleagues provide their clinical experience and opinions, with commentary by PL.  In this issue, Drs. Ronald Pies and Manuel Mota-Castillo  write about lithium and ADHD, respectively. 

In the coming year, we expect to extend CEU accreditation to pharmacists and social workers; we will notify you when we have obtained such accreditation.  

As usual, we appreciate your support. Happy new year to you and yours,

  Nassir Ghaemi MD, Editor

January 2016
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Special article:

“Treatment-resistant” depression

Classic article of the month:

STAR*D’s poor results

Drug of the month: 


By the Numbers:

Antidepressant outcomes in MDD

Clinical Files:

Low-dose lithium

Clinical Files:

Concerns about ADHD

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