Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                        January, 2015


Welcome to our inaugural issue!

For two decades, I've conducted research studies, published in the scientific journals, and written academic and non-academic books.  In giving seminars, I've found that many of my clinical colleagues don't have the time or ability to follow articles in varied journals or to read lengthy books.  They ask me which newsletters I'd recommend.  

I never could recommend any.  

Other newsletters exist, but they aren't written by expert researchers who also have active clinical practices.  They simply summarize studies but don't provide critiques that are based on clear, simply explained scientific principles.  They may criticize the pharmaceutical industry - or not - but they do so simplistically. That's why we started The Psychiatry Letter.

The standard columns that will be present in each issue are described in the Table of Contents.  For Curbside Consults, our Editorial Board is available to provide ideas to help you think about your cases and to answer clinical questions.

I'd like to thank Dr. Robert Guerrette from the New England Educational Institute, whose courses were the origin for this newsletter idea, and who helped me think it through and get the word out.  Now it's up to you.  If you like what you see, let your colleagues and friends know. 

Please suggest special article topics, tell us what you'd like more or less of, and we'll try to accommodate you.

If you have joined as one of our first subscribers, we especially thank you for taking these first steps with us.  You are our special inaugural audience, and we appreciate your support. 

Let's change psychiatry together, one month at a time.

  Nassir Ghaemi MD, Editor

January 2015
Table of contents

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Special article:

Light precautions - How to survive winter depression

Current study of the month:

Can sunlight cause suicide?

Classic study of the month:

The four diagnostic validators

Drug of the month:


Psychopharmacology course:

Lesson 1 - Think about drugs clinically, not biologically


Defining psychosis


Don't ask questions

Case of the month:

"Treatment-resistant depression" 

Clinical Tip of the month:

Give Lithium once daily at night

Curbside consult 1:

Questions and cases from you

Curbside consult 2:

Questions and cases from you

New truths begin as heresies and end as superstitions - T. H. Huxley

Meet our expert EDITORIAL BOARD, composed of clinicians and researchers from around the world. 

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