Volume 4, Issue 12                                                                                 December, 2018


Welcome to the December issue of
The Psychiatry Letter!

The  Final Issue

We have reached the final issue of PL.  With ambivalent feelings, this will be the last introduction to a newsletter issue. 

The final special article is devoted to a central question of clinical practice: psychopharmacology versus psychotherapy, and whether one is better than the other, whether they should be combined, and if so by whom.  This topic is discussed at length, with the rest of the issue condensed to a final Psychotherapy section on cognitive-behavioral therapy, using an analogy from baseball, and a final note of farewell.  

We would like to remind readers that this December 2018 issue is the final subscription issue of PL.  The PL website will remain open for questions and curbside consults, and will include commentary on new journal articles.  E-books also will be made available there.  In the meantime, PL readers also can buy a new psychopharmacology textbook authored by me, to be published by Oxford University Press in January 2019, now available for pre-order here.   

Thank you for your past support. Without you, we couldn’t have achieved our mission.

 Nassir Ghaemi MD, Editor

December 2018
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