Volume 2, Issue 12                                                                                 December, 2016


Welcome to the December issue of
The Psychiatry Letter!

The new year reviving old desires

This issue represents the end of the second year of the existence of this newsletter.  We would like to thank you who continue to subscribe.  The newsletter relies on you to keep going and to spread its influence.  

In the past year we have been able to provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education Units (CEU) to psychiatrists and nurses and psychologists.  We hope you continue to benefit from that service.

Last December, in honor of the first year anniversary of the newsletter, we provided a special issue with a Top Ten list of events, studies, and topics in psychiatry in the past year. We continue that tradition with this issue.  We also provide another Top Five list of great historical insights in psychiatry. 

In reviewing published articles from the past year, it was difficult to identify one study as better than other ones which are excellent or important.  Thus we stay with our usual format of a current article of the month instead of seeking to pick a top article for the year.   The article chosen this month was released online just recently and provides empirical data on the developmental presentation of depression in children. 

If you find PL helpful to you and your patients, please let others know so that more clinicians and patients may benefit.

Happy new year to you and yours,

  Nassir Ghaemi MD, Editor

December 2016
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Special article I: 

Top Ten List of 2016

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Historical Top Five List

Current study of the Month: 

Anxiety predicts depression in kids

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