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The natural history of treated depression today
Few people with “MDD” return for treatment 

Heterogeneity in 10-year course trajectories of moderate to severe major depressive disorder: a Danish National Register-based study. 

In Scandinavia, medical treatment is provided and recorded in a national health care system for all people. One of the benefits of this system is that researchers can access data on medical treatment for all people in those countries. This Danish study uses the national medical database to look at the course of treatment for depressive conditions, as diagnosed by clinicians as similar to the DSM-5 definition of “major depressive disorder”  (MDD).    

The sample identified consisted of 11,640 persons in Denmark who were diagnosed with MDD and for whom researchers had medical data for 10 years in prospective follow-up.  They were diagnosed in the 1995-2002 time period. A majority were women (64%) as is typical of depression studies.

The main outcome measure was...

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