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The history of DSM-III

The Making of DSM-III: A diagnostic manual’s conquest of American Psychiatry
 Hannah Decker, 2013, Oxford University Press.

The documents tell the story

This month, PL replaces the current article with a book recommendation. In keeping with the special article, PL recommends Professor Decker’s book as the best documented resource about the DSM-III process. A professor of history who specializes in history of psychiatry, Decker is well-positioned to report this history.  She interviewed the main protagonists and she studied the APA archives to examine the content of the committee discussions in DSM-III. The result is the best single source for understanding the history of DSM-III. 

PL encourage readers to make their own judgments about this history when reading this book. Decker is at her strongest in reporting the facts: What was said. When. By whom.  She proves with excellent documentation that DSM-III...

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