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Question 2:

What is the PL viewpoint on the adjunctive use of buspirone for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)?

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PL Reflection

Do you realize how strangely a human being is constructed, that his virtues are often the seed of his downfall and his faults the source of his happiness?....For a long time I have known that I am not a genius…I am not even very gifted; my whole capacity for work probably springs from my character and from the absence of outstanding intellectual weaknesses.  But I know that this combination is very conducive to slow success….I wanted to explain the reason for my inaccessibility to and gruffness with strangers, which you mentioned….I always comfort myself with the fact that people subordinate to or on a par with me have never considered me unpleasant, only superiors or people otherwise above me.….Even at school I was always the bold oppositionist, always on hand when an extreme  had to be defended and usually ready to atone for it….You know what Breuer told me one evening?...He told me that hidden under the surface of timidity there lay in me an extremely daring and fearless human being.  I had always thought so, but never dared tell anyone.  

Sigmund Freud

In a private 1886 letter to Martha Bernays, his fiancee, written as a young man

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