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What do you think of medical marijuana? 

The PL answer:

This topic will gain in importance as we see more states legalizing marijuana in the near future.  In the states in which it has been legalized, PL has heard from colleagues that some problems have arisen.  The potency of THC in the legalized marijuana appears to be much higher than the potency in the illegal plant used in past decades.  This high-potency marijuana appears to be causing some cases of paranoia or even possibly onset of depressive or delusional states.  Further, its addictiveness is heightened if used in high potency form.  

One observation that is important is that some younger people in particular appear to be confusing legalization with safety.  Alcohol is a legal substance, but it is not safe.  Amphetamines are legal substances, with a prescription, but are not safe in many settings, or at certain doses.   The PL viewpoint is that it is important to discuss with patients the there is a difference between legalization and safety.  There are known risks of marijuana in animal studies in terms of harmful effects on the brain, just as is the case with alcohol.  This in itself is not a reason to...

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PL Reflection

William Osler’s Three Rules for Medical Practice 

1. Consume your own smoke.  Don’t complain about the inevitable trifles of the day’s routine.  Things cannot always go your way.

2. The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade; a calling, not a business. We are not here to get all we can out of life for ourselves, but to help others become happier. 

3. The hardest of all – Love, charity, requires not only beneficent acts, but an end to hard thoughts. 

O William Osler

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