Psychopharmacology course: Lesson 1

In The Psychiatry Letter, we will present lessons from a complete course in psychopharmacology.  The first lesson is about the big picture: There are two ways of approaching psychopharmacology:

  1. Biological speculative approach (the most popular and common)  
  2. Clinical research-based approach.  

PL recommends the second. What's the difference?  Don't say: I'll use drug x because it affects serotonin and norepinpehrine, which is theoretically better than just affecting one of those neurotransmitters.  Ask the question: What is the clinical research evidence that drug x is effective for patients with a specific clinical condition?

If you take this approach, you will be more scientifically sound in your decision-making, and less biologically speculative.  To do so, you'll have to ignore some of the major texts of psychopharmacology, and look to the clinical research studies themselves.  PL will help.  

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